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President Tokayev's priority is to build a New Kazakhstan meaning a more resilient and diversified economy that ensures opportunities for private initiative for all, a more fair society, and a more vibrant, dynamic and agile political system.

New Kazakhstan for me is a transparent country with fair court system and mutual responsibility of the state and the individual.

What does a New Kazakhstan mean? It's not just a renewal of the state apparatus, as some experts simplify. This is, firstly, a reset of social values. Rejection of radicalism, extreme views, and actions and improvement of creative motive. Overcoming all kinds of disruption in society. It also implies the continued introduction of incremental and systemic reforms. The humanitarian estimation of public policy and the stake in human capital.

Erlan Karin, Secretary of State

The EU remains committed to the dialogue in the framework of the Enhanced Partnership and Cooperation Agreements (EPCA) and will continue to support Kazakhstan in the ongoing reform process, including political reforms and democratization.