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New Kazakhstan Stability & Sustainable Development of a Modern State

The New Kazakhstan program will apply to all spheres of the economy

The New Kazakhstan program will apply improvements in social and economic conditions, as well as political modernisation, to promote long-term stability. Fair competition, transparency and predictability of state policy, taxing honesty and social responsibility are set to become the principal elements of the new economic policy. The reforms will be applied to all spheres – from budget planning and management to social welfare, agriculture, industry and foreign trade.

“We must propagate the ideology of diligence and knowledge. If we are recognized in the world as a hardworking, conscientious nation, this will have a positive impact on our economy. I know our citizens are eagerly awaiting the reforms. That is why I had called for building the New Kazakhstan together.”

- Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan